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You probably already have everything you’ll need.

Your embroidery machine,

Some way to download and transfer the embroidery files to your machine. You don’t need any special software.

A sewing machine to join blocks, attach the backing and binding

Rotary cutter, mat and ruler

Sharp scissors for trimming applique pieces. I love the Madeira ones (Amazon link)

Pins or tape for securing your background fabric and batting  in the hoop

A seam gauge is handy for measuring applique pieces (Amazon link)

Temporary fabric glue is handy for small pieces and helps prevent bubbling when they are stitches in place. I use Pritt Stick

Iron for pressing blocks and seams

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There are lots of ways to make ITH blocks, but this is how I do it. 

1) Hoop stabiliser

2) Float background fabric

3) Embroider/applique the design

4) Float batting on the back of the hoop

5) Embroider the quilting stitches

Once all the blocks are made, I trim and join them.

I’ve tried different techniques, like embroidering through the batting, and adding the backing fabric before I quilt the block, but I keep going back to this method.


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The fabric quantities in this chart are assuming you’ll be using 42″ wide standard quilting/craft cotton for the background fabric.

If you’re going to be floating your fabric, use the chart to find out how many pieces of each size you will need for your chosen hoop.

If you prefer to hoop your background fabric, you’ll need to calculate enough fabric for 44 blocks. Your yardage amount will depend on your hoop size.

***This is the absolute minimum you will need if you cut carefully and don’t make mistakes. I would advise adding an extra 1/4 to 1/2 yard for a bit of leeway.***

Better to have fabric leftover than not enough.

If you’re using more than one background fabric you’ll need to use your block layout plan to calculate how much of each fabric you’ll need. 

Download a block layout plan

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Find all the resources you need to complete the Starry Night Mystery QAL on this page, including

Supplies and fabric quantities

Block layout

Block release schedule